Managing & Tracking BPO Assets in the Philippines (Ref: AT-102)

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The BPO (business process outsourcing) industry is arguable the most important business industry in the Philippines at the moment. This is clearly evident by the fact that The Philippines recently edged out India as the call center capital of the world. The industry has grown by 46% annually since 2006, and there are currently over a million Filipinos employed in the BPO and related I.T sectors. By the year 2020, it is estimated that the BPO industry in the Philippines will generate up to 55 billion dollars, according to the World Bank.


This is approximately 11% of the country’s GDP. The revenue expected to be generated by BPOs in The Philippines is expected to reach 25 billion dollars by the year 2016 alone, and it is estimated that 1.5 million new jobs will be created by the BPO industry next year. This is one of the main reasons for credit rating agencies maintaining a stable outlook for The Philippines.

There is a range of reasons as to why The Philippines has emerged as the world’s leading call center industry. Some of the key reasons are:

·         Lower labor costs.

·         High skills of the young workforce.

·         Fluent in speaking English.

·         Very similar accent to Americans, and can easily mimic other accents.

·         Filipinos are extremely patient and polite.

The facts above clearly demonstrates the importance of the Philippines BPO industry and why it is essential to tag and track the assets of your BPO business or company.

Call centers within the BPO industry in The Philippines are responsible for providing a huge quantity and variety of equipment for their staff. Each call center agent or member of staff is usually provided with a PC, a headset, in house software for doing their job, furniture and more. All of this comes at the expense of the company, and for large multinational call center companies in The Philippines, the costs of paying for all of these resources and equipment can be substantial.

With Paperless Trail’s asset tagger, BPO companies now have the ability to quickly and efficiently tag, identify and track all of their equipment and resources with an electronic asset register. This will help BPO business owners keep their asset information accurate and up to date. 


            Key Features of Asset Tagger:

  • A centralized asset register where you can view all the information you need in one place.
  • Keep track of all movements of your assets as they get allocated to a person or a project, through the check in and check out facility.
  •  The facility maintains a history of ownership and all the location transfers that happened with an asset.
  • Monitor all the corrective actions done on an asset throughout its lifetime by using the maintenance facility.
  • Audit your assets at any time through the use of RFID technology.
  • Save 30% of the time you require to look for an asset. 
  • Asset locator allows for real time location of an asset with the click of a button.  

By using Paperless Trail’s new Asset tagger, BPO and Call Center companies can now manage and track human resources and their equipment at all times, which means you’ll never have to worry           about losing or misplacing your equipment ever again.  

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